A Girls' Guide to The Glo Up

12:00 AM

If there's one thing social media has taught me, it would be to be the best version of myself.

Recently I've become obsessed with bettering myself... in the best way possible. So here goes: A Girls' Guide to The Glo Up

Step 1: Set goals
Set SMART goals. Make sure they're specific, measurable, attainable, relevant & time-bound. Have a game plan. SMART goals are great because you know what you want to get out of them, and you can apply the theory to any situation!

Step 2: Learn to love yourself
Loving myself, which is probably one of the hardest things that happens during your glo up, is hard. So hard that sometimes it's just like 'No, I can't today...' and then naming something I dislike about myself.
My best way of overcoming this, though, was to start a 'put up' journal: for every negative thought I had about myself, I had to think of at least 3 positive things & write them down. The more I started looking at myself in a positive light, the happier I became. It's a definite cycle -> if you're not happy with yourself, chances are you won't be happy in other areas of your life.

Step 3: Accept yourself
So, accept yourself. 'Flaws' and all. Develop your authenticity and stop trying to live by the 'goal af' feeds of social media superstars. Do you. The realest version of you. Love gaming and cartoons? do it. Just because the rest of your friends are girly girls obsessed with makeup & clothing doesn't mean you have to be too. Find your strengths, work on your weaknesses & most important of all? Accept them. You can only live in denial for so long before reality comes and bites you in the backside.

xo, Becca

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