feeling inspired: tattoos

9:27 PM

I've always wanted a tattoo. Something small & dainty with meaning to me. Ankle tattoos fascinate me; all of the ones I have seen so far are beautiful and gorgeous. Which of the below is your favourite?

I love this: it reminds me of the quote "Have courage and be kind". In my day to day life, I find myself in so many situations where I need to be brave and have courage. 
This next tattoo - an anchor - reminds me to never sink. It's free floating & not attached to anything & that's where I envision myself in a few years time - free, independent & not tied down to any one thing. I want to be able to embrace my freedom.
Small Elephant Outline Ankle Tattoo:
Elephants are amazing creatures. They live in herds & are so close to the other members of their herd that they actually mourn when one dies. The mothers are so caring & protective of their young & for animals of their size they have a wonderful way of moving and just arghhhhhhh. Anyway, I love this tattoo because it represents my love of the wild & wild animals. 

Which is your favourite? Are there any other ideas you'd suggest? If you could choose a symbol to have tattooed, what would it be and what would it represent?

Becca x

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