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Hey there. 

Welcome to my new blog series. It's only three posts long, but I hope it leaves you thinking...

"Whenever you feel unloved, unimportant or insecure, remember to whom you belong"

I've had some pretty horrible "friends" throughout my life span. People who were only there when they needed something. And that tends to change a person… My circle became smaller, and smaller… and now, it's limited to about 3 close friends, and a wide variety of acquaintances.

I've been reading a lot lately, on real friendships and Godly friendships and have discovered my approach to making friends - and keeping them - has been so strange. My friendships have been selfish, based on things that really shouldn't matter - unimportant, fickle common interests… and when those friendships have ended, I've crashed and burned too.

For a while, I could never understand why it would hit me so hard when these friendships would end and why I'd be feeling bleak for weeks, until I realised that I'd been basing my worth on these friendships, and using them to find my identity, forgetting that my worth and identity should be found in Christ alone.

So while friends may come and go, God doesn't. He is the one constant you will find in your life, regardless of whether you're going through ups or downs.

So focus on making your friendships about God's  glory, and not our own. So while your friendships may bring you happiness, you should never let them dictate your worth.

You'll find your identity in God's unconditional love, and learn that you really are worthy.

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