lazy night in: a guide

7:56 PM

Hello lovelies!

I love lazy nights in. There's something so comforting about being at home, around my fur friends, just relaxing and recovering from a hectic week. At the moment, I'm sick so this post is perfectly timed with yours truly spending a weekend in bed getting some R&R.

So fresh and so clean

I hate getting into bed after a long day without feeling fresh. I'll usually shower, apply a hair mask and rinse it out. My favourite thing to do is to use this mask from The Body Shop, and catch up on my social media while waiting for it to dry.

I'm nicer when I like my outfit

PJs or leggings and a soft t-shirt are my ultimate favourite for a night in. A hoodie too, if it's cold. When you're dressed uncomfortably (think scratchy material or too-tight clothing), you're really not going to settle down and actually relax. (And before someone says "leggings are tight", they're not. It's like a hug. For your butt.) 

Life happens, coffee helps

My ultimate favourite hot drink is coffee. So, what better to accompany a cosy night? If you're not a massive coffee fan, I recommend chai, peppermint or chamomile tea. I love putting a drop of vanilla essence into my chai tea. 

What's your ideal lazy night in? Let me know in the comments below! 

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