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Ahh, the irony of this post is not lost on me - considering that to be reading this, you'd have to be looking at a screen. As an IT student, I think I spend at least 3 hours a day looking at a laptop/computer screen for college work & ridiculous amounts of time alternating between my iPhone screen and my laptop for other things (like obsessively checking Instagram. It's a problem). I rely on my phone for a lot of my everyday things - scheduling classes, tasks and homework time, reading, keeping in contact with friends out of town & out of the country, making sure I get out of bed in the morning, snapping photos of memorable moments... the list goes on.

This past week I've been focusing on spending less time behind a screen, which is a lot harder than it sounds. Here are two tips if you'd like to try the same!

Push Notifications OFF

This was probably the hardest - but I've turned push notifications off for basically everything... My student email address has notifications on, but I've set that to only notify me of emails from certain contacts i.e. my lecturers and I have notifications turned on for WhatsApp - although I've muted basically all group chats, and people I text conversationally throughout the day. Other than that, all my notifications are turned off.

It's really freeing - not hearing my phone buzz and feeling this instant need to check it. It's also stopped me from going into Instagram because people liked a photo and then scrolling through the exact same feed of photos from 2 hours before for 15 minutes. Like, I want to check what everyone's up to, but I need to make sure that I'm not wasting time.

Airplane mode & Chrome Extensions

The Internet is probably the biggest distraction for me when it comes to starting something. If I'm about to start studying, I could easily spend 20 minutes going through the studyblr hashtag on Tumblr under the guise of "I just want to see how other people are doing it". It's a lie I tell myself daily. 

Often, my lecturers email us content to study & (this is the worst) for one of my courses, all the work is on a website, including the textbook. I used to read a paragraph, then open a new tab and spend an hour on Facebook. It's a problem. 

I feel like I'm super late to the party, but I found that the StayFocusd for Chrome extension was a game changer. I can set which websites I want to block, how long I want to block them for, and I have yet to find a way around it. Life changing.

Airplane mode also helps - if I have a Google Docs I'm working on, I'll put my laptop in Airplane mode and set timers for every 20 minutes or so to connect to wi-fi to make it back up. Seems over the top, but it's helped me fix my focus!

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